William Shields III
come in last Sunday after church for some chicken wings. Well let me tell you...these wings are amazing. thank you issarap...
Kingdom Graphix
We went there to order a wrap for dinner. The customer service was amazing. They are very friendly and the food is made in a timely fashion. We ordered a veggie wrap and we can tell you that it's one of the best wraps we've eaten in town. Check them out come support your local business.
Hilary Brown
Hi y'all. Remember the last time you just wanted a quick lunch close to your new workplace and you wander in sans Google-reviews and it super duper worked out?!? Well: That happened. My catfish sandwich was perfect in every way (albeit too big for one meal, but hooray for free dinner). This place is legit: serving up fresh food cooked and served with love and culinary skill, authentic and friendly service, and the keys to the universe. Ok, maybe not that last one, but you'll still be really grateful you checked it out. Promise.
Nate ObiWan
Issarap is one of my favorite places to pickup food during this pandemic. It taste like it’s straight from my own kitchen seasoned the way I would season my own food. Management is great, welcoming, and appreciative of your business.
Shyree Flores
great service delicious food. the whole vibe was amazing will def be back again
Tami P.
Didn't know what A treat I was in for. First, let me say that I am totally a shrimp snob. My people are from New Orleans and I know when shrimp is done right. Second, I live no where near Pittsburg, but was coming back from an event. So, I see this little spot, Issarap, and my stomach is screaming at me. I go in and see that they have something called a Crunch Shrimp Wrap. Say no more, that is my thing! I ordered it and left - COVID-19 protocols for restaurants being what they are. I'm walking back across the street to my car, where my plan was to drive home, and this fresh, hot whiff of smell-good ignites an urgency that is difficult to control. So, as soon as I get in my car I open it and take a giant bite. WHAT?! Why hadn't I come here sooner? The shrimp was cooked perfectly and just popped when I bit into it. But, the flavors were fantastic too. And it was infused with a really good sauce ( I wish that sauce had been spicy, but you can't have everything.) Add to all that a hot buttery wrap and you've got a whole bunch of yummy feelings in your hands. So, check it out you won't be sorry. I'm already planning my next visit! Oh one more thing - it's a family business! So cool. Let's support our local businesses.
Lisa R.
Fast and absolutely mouthwatering they also included a takeout menu and discount stamp card in my to-go bag, which was recorded through DoorDash. I will definitely be ordering from here again!